Saturday, November 6, 2010

Magpies, Magpie, and more Magpies

My dad encountered a freshly road killed Mule Deer on his way home from work yesterday evening, and of course he brought it home.  After we processed and packed the undamaged meat into the freezer, the remaining bones were set out on the back deck for the night.

Early this morning, we woke to a dozen or so Black-billed Magpies intently picking at the bones for any fat, gristle, and scraps of meat that we'd left behind.  From behind the glass door, our dog barked and charged in hopes of driving them away from what she thought should be her own stash of bones.  She had no luck at accomplishing her mission and she silently stared at them with great discouragement.  For the sake of photos, I moved the bones off the deck to a natural site with better lighting.  Within seconds the magpies started feasting again.  The bones also attracted seven Common Ravens, none of which were brave enough to join the feast in my presence.  Later, we caught our dog out happily chewing on bones alongside the magpies.

First Magpie to Fly in

Second Magpie to fly in

Magpie with Fat Stuffed in its Bill

Magpie Ready to Pick more Scraps off Bones

Magpie Perched on Granite Rock right by the Bones

Magpie with Cottonwood and Ponderosa Pine Background

Magpie in Flight

Magpie in Flight Showing Iridescent on the wing

Common Raven

Bush Containing Old Magpie Nest

Big Old Cottonwood Tree

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  1. Hey, Joel: Love the magpie in flight pic. Would like to use on my blog, if you're okay with that. Thanks